I woke up today, and not only did I not wake up with a hangover, the sun was shining it’s balls off, like it is right now…

Hell of a day, today…

Oh yeah, I went to O’ Sullivan’s last night, and this time I had some reinforcements.  Andrea and Sherrie were there (Sherrie) was the other lady that went to see the Grateful Dead with us Sunday.  Also, a couple of my ace boon coons showed up as well, specifically Cam, my friend who lives across the street.

It was funny, because Cam spent the night telling our other friend about how I was acting last week, what with me massaging some girls breasts while he watched.  The idea of such decadance compelled him to come get wasted with me every Tuesday now.

The night was mediocre in a good way because I didn’t get too drunk, and din’t flirt too hard.  Sure, there were a couple of girls I rubbed the right way, so to speak, but nothing came of it.

Jara, the hand kisser from last week bumped into me, and she actually remembered my name, which I thought was cute because she was as hammered as I was, and if I had heard Hashim for the first time, I sure as hell wouldn’t have remembered it.  Whatever.  We shared a brief cameo in each other’s lives and moved on.  Party.

I didn’t lay my card down at the bar, so that saved me from drinking to excess.  I got wasted at the Rail first, and that was enough, I decided.

Like I said, the night at O’s pretty much went without incident, and that was fine with me. 

I stood in the parking lot with Cam and his boy, while two girls drove by.  I yelled for them to stop, and because it is me, they did.  I flirted a little bit, doing what I do so poorly.  Not much came out of that, just a “you’re so cute”, and then them driving off.  I didn’t care much because I had my fill, and I was ready to cash out for the night.

Before the bed, I needed to soak up the booze, so I rode over to Taco Bell for a quickie burrito.  As I waited in the drive thru, I noticed a girl, and as I was still tipsy, so to speak, I figured what the hell…

“Hey…you there…”

Her name was Olivia and she was…a stripper.  Hell, I didn’t hold it against her.  We ended up sitting in the parking lot of Taco Bell eating and talking.  We learned a few things about each other, shared a laugh or two, and then went our seperate ways.  The funny thing is that neither of us either thought or cared to exchange phone numbers, so if I ever want to see her again, I’d have to go to Showgirl, where she strips, and I doubt that is gonna happen, as I have grown out of titty bars.

But it was ok.  A shared moment, nothing more.  Sometimes I think it needs to be that way. 

I took my ass home, and swiftly went to sleep where I dreamt about being caught in a Zombie Holocaust, eventually getting bitten myself, but not really craving human flesh.  Go figure.

Like I said, the sun is shining its balls off.  Don’t it make you smile?


2 responses

  1. *smile*

    July 28, 2004 at 2:43 pm

  2. Thanks for the sub!!!
    Love your writings!!!

    July 28, 2004 at 10:52 pm

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