Good morning, America…How are you?  Don’t you know me?  I’m your favorite son…

I’m sorry for neglecting you these last couple of days, to tell the truth, I have been either swamped, exhausted, or both.  My stress level is low as hell because I have my who ride back, and it only cost me $153 to fix it.  As always, I want to thank all of you for the love and support.  It’s all good now, and I’m just diggin’ it.  I’m going to hold off the answer column for a day or so, because I need time to just sit and let it flow righteously.  But for now, I’ll just whip up something real quick to appease you, my loving audience…

The world is littered with the bodies of people that tried to stick it to ole J.R. Ewing.

You know, I started this Thursday morning, but now it’s 11:30 Friday morning, and I have neglected you all once more.  That’s the thing.  I should be better at this, because this is not just all about me espousing my feelings, I think it is also about serving my base, which is you.

Before, I thought it was ok to be occasional about all of this because I had 4 or 5 subscribers, and they were pretty forgiving, because this blog was a simple one, something that let me bitch and moan, much like many others, and people came because they wanted to, not ever really because they expected to see something.  This is where today is different.  Now that I have 6 times the amount of subscribers than I had 3 months ago, I feel I have a more prescient responsibility to my readership…that being you.

The last few days have been transition for me, but still, as with everything, I should have been able to get the word out for you the same as I did before.  And I know many of you will say that it isn’t a big deal, and for the most part, it isn’t all that big of a deal, but as someone who will be writing on a deadline now for a newspaper, my update schedule here should be no different.  This blog is more than hearts and minds diary stuff.  This is a place for so much more, even if it is subtle in nature.

If a newspaper built a readership based on good columns and articles, and then began to publish only sporadically, would the readership still be interested?  I have the same attitude when it comes to this blog.

So here is my promise to all of you:  Rain or shine, there will be no less than 4 fresh columns in a 7 day week.  Four is the minimum, but depending on outside factors, or lack thereof, there could be as many as 5, 6, or on a good week…even 7.  So we’ll see. 

If anything, this guarantee is my continued thanks for all the people who do read me, and those who have also exercized patience.  As a writer, I could do no less than this.

So, that’s my spiel for the day, but of course, I’ll be back…


5 responses

  1. Swamped and exhausted?  Maybe…  Lost somewhere on Southfork, trying to find your way back to Indiana? More believable…  Hahaha…we appreciate your pledge to us, your faithful subscribers…

    September 3, 2004 at 3:08 pm

  2. I feel the same way about the people who read my blog. Have a good weekend.

    September 3, 2004 at 4:02 pm

  3. As someone who has 400 and rising, let me advise you on one very important thing:
    Dude…seriously. You’re going to get busy, and you’re NOT going to keep up with it, and that’s one more thing I’ll bitch at you about.
    Right now, you’re probably what, 75 subs? Give or take a few? Multiply that by 6, and you won’t be able to comment AND post. People are fickle, assbag. They don’t always like reading and commenting on someone who can’t get back to them.

    September 3, 2004 at 7:41 pm

  4. feelng the pressure huh? well, since it’s sunday night, i’m with shapely on the promising posts point, heh. your columns are awesome, but even your “bitching and moaning” is highly readable material..what i’m trying to say, is that xanga’s your space to do what you want. you shouldn’t feel pressured by your subs to write at a particular time, otherwise the fun of xanga..and writing..will start to wear off. i think. nice that you care though 🙂 your growing fan base is getting a little intimidating..

    September 5, 2004 at 5:43 am

  5. Well my question is kind of late, but anyway…..I had one that recently came to my mind because of some things that I’ve been struggling with lately.  So here is my question that I would like your answer to….
    What defines who we are?  Where did it begin?

    September 5, 2004 at 10:29 pm

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