It’s been one hell of a weekend.  That much is for sure.  My mind, body, and soul are simply sore.  You know, the kind of sore that you would get from passing out drunk in a field, or sleeping two deep in a twin sized bed.  I feel like someone threw me out of a window onto a speeding car.  Ka-blooie!  Anyway, it was one of the better weekends I have had in sometime, even though Michigan State sucks donkey balls and sometimes, blonde chicks are the fucking devil.

Highlights of the weekend…

“Dude, I’m Jewish” (response someone gave when asked about drinking Saturday morning.)

Going to the liquor store and getting 11 dollars for change that was supposed to be 10.01 (Ten…and one)

Visual proof of me passing out drunk in the middle of a tailgating field.

Ending Saturday night by seeing a sorority girl stick her head out of a BMW in front of us and puking her sweet little heart out.

A full weekend, by any standard. 



6 responses

  1. LOVE the BMW girl story.. sounds like fun.

    September 27, 2004 at 3:04 pm

  2. last time i got that trashed i was lucky not to throw up at all that night. of course the next morning was spent becoming more intimate than i would ever have hoped to become with my best friend’s green toilet bowl. the colour of the toilet did not help matters. you’d think we’d learn…
    ka-blooie.. that’s going to be my new word of the week.. i love that =)

    September 27, 2004 at 4:13 pm

  3. Good Job!
    Saturday night my friend Andy made me “friendship sleep” with him because he wouldn’t let me leave at five am or sleep on the couch.  We also spooned… er.. “friendship spooned” I mean.
    xoxo  Jess

    September 27, 2004 at 4:45 pm

  4. Funny, but I can’t wait to talk to you and hear it the way you tell it, because you tell one hell of a story.
    I try not to have any blonde people around when I’m out having fun, although I’ll make an exception for The Dolph instantaneously.

    September 27, 2004 at 6:34 pm

  5. thanks for the hugs! tis great to have you aboard 🙂

    September 28, 2004 at 12:19 am

  6. If you were to toss in a few spontaneous naps, a little ESP, and a hearty ‘FUCK THEM BITCHES!’, then the weekend would be complete.  It’s not about passing out in a tailgating field, it’s about pouring beer and shots into your trap while you’re down.  And, by the way, blondes have more fun…I know at least one that is amazing to party with…SPARTY ON!

    September 28, 2004 at 4:00 pm

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