Long but short day today…

Not a whole lot going on, just killing time here at the library.  New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, and I have no fucking clue what I am going to do.  Every year, for I don’t know how long, I have been into something, or have been somewhere, and now…pfft.  I refuse for the night to go El Busto on me, nor do I want to sit with the stoners at the Smokehouse, because although I enjoy the occasional marijuana binge, not tomorrow.

I got paid from my last 2 weeks of work, so I at least have that to burn, but I am being very picky as to who I go out with.  I think C is talking about going out, but I also think he is going to play “good boyfriend” to his old lady, as if every other night he spends playing fuckaround with other girls never happened.  Can’t blame him though.

As much as I hold my best friend Erick in high regard, I don’t like to party with him.  It’s like swallowing a ton of buzzkill, because the man doesn’t like to go balls out like I do, and so for him, because he does actually and unfortunately possess a sense of true morality, I’d have more fun pissing down my leg.

I haven’t been invited to any parties, which is unusual, because I at least get a couple here and there.  Then again, I haven’t been all that visible since I have been back, so I don’t even know who knows I’m still here.

At any rate, in order to hopefully hook something up for my night tomorrow, I will have to do a bit of networking at the club tonight.  There is such an aversion to going to the clubs on NYE, I’m hoping that will parlay itself into evening invites, which could work for me.  I’d dig on that severely.

You know, I have to do something about my ignorant drunken behavior, while not out of hand, it is sort of dangerous.  I take way too much for granted.  Even after hearing how my good friend Dean totaled his Mustang, and hearing his penitent warnings to me, I still go and do the stupid shit.  Driving home drunk with no license is just plain stupid, so in order to remedy that…I gots to get my license back tomorrow.  I just hope the stupid bastards are open for me to get it back.  If not, I will be steamed, and then I will forget about it and end up leaving back to Bloomington w/o getting the damn thing.  This is what laziness gets you…

Anyway, I’m not sure I will be on to do this tomorrow, so I want to wish each and everyone of you a safe, fun, sensible, morally reprehensible, and most of all decadent New Year’s.  We only get to live for so long, so why not splurge on the things that we need the least, and rock out with the proverbial cock out. 

When you are old and grey, you will regret the times you didn’t take the chance to really fuck up.  So get to it…

And to Mirabella, who will be working dilligently through all the NYE festivities:  I’ll drink 4 for you, because you deserve to have a better night, even though you gotta make that money.  I promise to have a story to remember…maybe.

Have fun kids.  Get naked and make a statement…


3 responses

  1. You wanna know why you weren’t invited to any parties?

    December 30, 2004 at 10:18 pm

  2. Anonymous

    Have fun! Be safe.

    December 31, 2004 at 4:30 am

  3. Anonymous

    Much appreciated!!  Thank you ~ 
    Might I suggest a shot of Tuaca.  Happy 2005!

    December 31, 2004 at 11:18 am

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