So yeah…my day is over now. 

1st day of class wasn’t all that bad, could have been worse. 
After class, I stopped over at Bear’s for a burger and a pitcher of
beer.  I was beyond set.

I am back in my room and buzzed to the bejeezus.  I don’t have
shit to do until 8pm when there is a House Meeting over at Chi Phi, and
then work at 10.  I think I will lay my drunk ass down and enjoy
some Ren and Stimpy in my clean ass room.

Yeah, my room smells good, because I clean…gotta keep that habit up.

Hasta Pasta….


8 responses

  1. I miss school.  I miss wearing jeans and flip flops and hoodies and sitting outside smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee and seeing people. 
    Shoooot, well there is something I never thought I would say.  My life now is good, don’t get me wrong.  I just miss not having real responsibility.  That was fun. 

    January 10, 2005 at 3:24 pm

  2. well i’m glad you had a good first day.

    January 10, 2005 at 3:45 pm

  3. I miss my cable box – I wish I could watch Ren & Stimpy! Have fun!

    January 10, 2005 at 3:46 pm

  4. Drunk fucker … I’m at work. Grrrrrrr

    January 10, 2005 at 5:19 pm

  5. RYN: Oh really? Hmmmm we shall see!

    January 10, 2005 at 5:27 pm

  6. Yay for Ren & Stimpy.

    January 10, 2005 at 11:52 pm

  7. You’re lucky to be starting later.  SOME of us have been in school for a week now.  Let’s enjoy these quasi-lazy college days.  And keep up with the cleaning.  My spotless room lasted 4 days.  Want to come over and give me a hand in tidying up again?
    P.S. Am I allowed to comment here seeing as how there’s no picture next to this post?  Wouldn’t want to ruin a good thing you’ve got going…

    January 11, 2005 at 3:10 am

  8. Oh wow.  I see how that works.  Silly me….

    January 11, 2005 at 3:11 am

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