From humble beginnings…

PopLifePhotography was created to see women naked.

Now don’t run quite just yet. The desire to see women naked is something that is innate in many of us. The nude image, especially that of a woman is and has been coveted throughout time. To appreciate the curves of a woman transcends sexuality, even if it serves as the paean of all things sexual.

For me, it represented an awakening. While I had always appreciated the sight of the female nude, it wasn’t until I began photographing women did I truly appreciate every shape and size that comes in the female form.

Then, as my experience grew, so did my interests. Soon, it wasn’t about shooting just nudes anymore for the sake of shooting nudes. Then it became about art, and soon after, fashion.

When I decided to create this blog, I was conflicted about why I was creating it. Would it be an opportunity to showcase my work, my achievements? Or could it be something else?

A commentary, perhaps?

A critique of other photographers?

A place where discussion of this medium could take off in whatever direction it goes?

I realized it could be all of those things and more. I don’t want this to be a blog for me, I want it to be for whomever stumbles across it.

So, what remains is a forum to share PopLife with just about everyone, and to serve as a running commentary on all things photo, fashion, art, culture…anything. Of course, there is a danger in a lack of specificity, but I think this blog can manage. While there isn’t a visible direction, this is just the first post, and we come without expectations or a solid agenda.

This is a conversation, and as such, we…all of us…will converse.

Finally, and most importantly, this blog is an open-ended love letter.

From me, to you…enjoy.


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