Building a brand…

While PopLifePhotography has been operating for some time, the decision for it to be developed as a larger brand was only made in the last couple months.

Starting out as a one-person operation is always tough, especially when it comes to content creation. Questions always arise surrounding what should actually be posted on this blog. While there is a clear vision as to where we want to go, it’s slightly less clear how exactly we want to go about doing it.

So here are some facts:

  • PopLifePhotography does exist as a photo operation. Taking pictures always comes first, and as such, there will be a good amount of self-promotion through the posting of images and PLP-relevant material (which goes without saying).
  • There is going to be some commentary on what other photographers are doing, both good and bad…but this will never be a hater’s blog. Critical, sure, but criticism makes everyone better, right?
  • There will be nudity. Somehow this was a point of debate, but you know…it is what it is, until it isn’t. Of course, we’ll do what we can to make everything SFW. As much as possible, anyway 😉
  • This was never meant to stay a one-person operation, so good help, good writers, will always be sought out.

This blog can be so much, but only with help and some friendly direction. Comments are always welcome, and feedback is essential to growing not only what you see here, but also integral to the building of the brand overall.


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