A different type of model…

Mystic Mountains from Hubble Telescope

(c) NASA and STScI

So as we amble into the long holiday weekend, I wanted to share with you a different sort of model. A celestial model, if you will.

Above is the Mystic Mountains nebula. Part of our known universe.

To look at such a thing is to gaze upon perfection in my mind. Everything has a certain level of precious attached to it. Everything has a reason and meaning. It’s why I’ve always taken photographs. It’s why I appreciate the human form. It’s beautiful. It moves us and leaves us to be moved.

Art is no more than our concentrated perception. When I look at a nebulae, in its vastness, there is a beauty, matched in majesty by a shot of a mountain ridge, a powerful waterfall…or simply the curves of a woman.

It’s all beautiful in it’s own way, and left there for us to appreciate eternally.

Enjoy the weekend everyone, be safe, and we’ll see you next week.

London Andrews


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