Intruding on a moment…

Couple on a Bench

I found myself killing some time this afternoon by looking at some old shots I took while visiting a friend in Vegas around 2009. I hadn’t looked at these images in quite some time. Having a look at them, I found that I was much more interested in the photographers than the scenery.

What’s included in today’s post are images I took of people I don’t know…taking pictures.

It reminded me of just how much I love the medium, because it’s something everyone loves. Sure, it’s a simple enough concept of shooting pictures of people shooting pictures, but I think it’s a good way to remind ourselves just why we do it.

Everything is about the moment in one way or another. A way to relive the past, to reminisce, to smile. When it comes to trip photography, it’s always been funny to me that a vacation can go completely sideways, kids complaining, luggage lost, credit cards maxed out, but it’s that one moment when you’re locked in an embrace with friends or family in front of some landmark or other point of interest that is frozen forever. And when it’s looked at later on, no one is thinking about all the crap that happened, just the moment that made it all worth it.

That’s the thing about photography. People approach it from different aspects, different intents. Some treat it as an art, while others look at it as a way to document or preserve a moment. To me, it’s really all the same, because it’s all storytelling in one way or another. But to look at these pictures, to see these normal, ordinary people pose for something that matters to them, and in some ways it’s humbling.

Humbling because even if they don’t realize it, I’m intruding on their moment, and with the click of a shutter button…it becomes our moment.

It is that time of year again, time for the Summer Vacation. Sure, in a down economy, with gas prices going through the roof, there may not be the same number of families out on the open roads, but you can be sure that some are out there, and they’re taking pictures. So even after we’re all gone and none of this matters anymore, there’ll always be a picture or two left behind to show someone what it was like.

See you tomorrow.



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