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Just Another Nude Year (NSFW)

So here we are, at the close of another year, the first for the PopLifePhotography blog. To be fair, it wasn’t a full year, but, in the short time of this blog, we were able to cover a number of things without becoming overly repetitious or bland. To he honest with you, there still isn’t a true direction to this blog as yet. We’re still trying different ideas, different paths, all while sharing some of our work, along with opinions and views that stretch a little outside of the box.

Despite all the inconsistencies, breasts and objective opinionating (is that even a word?), we’ve managed to build a loyal readership, albeit small. We’re sure that number would have grown had there been a little more consistency, and not a giant dead spot between July and now (save for a couple tidbits here and there). Regardless to all of that, we’re going to make 2012 better than the one before. The hope is that soon we’ll bring on additional writers, and make this blog a much more open area for discussion and exhibition. Some of that has been stalled, some of it is still in the works, but you can be assured that whatever we do, it won’t be boring.

But let’s not sit here and pontificate on what could be, let’s send this year off with the bang it deserves.

Today is about our favorite model, Hollis Ireland. As mentioned in one of the earlier blogs, we’ve been able to witness the blossoming of this model over the years, and had the unique pleasure of being there at the start of her career as a nude model.

Years later, as you can see, she is better than ever, and recently we had the honor of shooting with her again. For us, the shoot, albeit brief and impromptu turned out to be one of the best we’ve had since PopLifePhotography started in 2006. Her skills and talents as a model have grown exponentially, and she just has the sort of figure that any photographer would kill to shoot with.

Her beauty and sensuality on camera are only matched by her quick wit and sheer intellect, something that in the modeling game places her light years above some of her competition. If she were only a few inches taller, it would be a guarantee that you would be seeing her on the runways of fashion week as opposed to the pages of this humble little blog.

To give a bit of insight into what we were doing here, it has always been our opinion that Hollis has classical chiseled features, something that would be akin to a marbled statue. The idea here was to keep the shoot as simple as possible by really focusing on the art aspect of nude photography. In short, Hollis Ireland was going to be our sculpture.

Using only two lights: a high key spotlight and a wider, brighter umbrella-diffused light, Hollis was asked to be more statuesque in her poses, of which she did an excellent job. By putting her against a neutral background, we were able to shoot her in monochrome using timed exposures (averaging 1/4 to 1 seconds, which is dangerous if the model can’t hold still). The result comes out in striking lines and a tone that leaves each of her curves looking as if they were carved from a slab of marble. We simply couldn’t have been happier with the final results, which, due to her amazing porcelain-like skin only needed minor amounts of post work.

So, as we say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012 (could it be our last year??), take some time to enjoy some highlights of our shoot with Hollis Ireland. I can promise you, you’ll be glad you did.

Happy New Year, everyone!

(P.S. if you like Hollis, be sure to like her Facebook fan page and visit her personal blog on Tumblr!)

Hollis Ireland


When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse: Hollis Ireland

Hollis IrelandEvery once in awhile, you run across someone who has true talent. Someone who can do what you want with little in the way of effort.

Early in my photographic exploits, I ran across such a person, and I’m proud to say that the work we did gave birth to something pretty good. I guess pretty good is an understatement, because if you take the time to look at the work Hollis Ireland does, it’s nothing short of phenomenal.

Hollis and NoelI was going to give some long-winded account of how I met her, and how getting her to shoot turned out to be a career decision for her, but at the end of the day, none of that really matters. For someone as beautiful and talented as she, it’s far better to let the work stand for itself. The only thing I will say is that I am beyond honored to be the one she shot with first. Each and every time I see her do a new shoot with photographers far better than myself, I take a certain amount of pride in that, and for good reason: she’s phenomenal, and I’d like to think that you, dear readers, feel the same.

So, take a few moments to enjoy some of the work I’ve done with her over the years since she made that fateful decision to bare all in a really nice log cabin out in the woods.

I only had the pleasure of shooting with her three times during her career, but I will always consider her to be a friend. Be sure to check her out on her Model Mayhem page, I’m sure that as time goes on, we’ll only get to hear and see more of this fantastic model.

Hollis Ireland

Hollis Ireland

Tomorrow, a model who I absolutely adore, yet have never shot with…yet.

Perfect pictures of dreamgirls underneath starry skies…

Hula Girl

Hula Girl

One of the things you’ll learn as a reader of this blog is that the titles are only loosely related to the subject matter that follows…sort of a way to keep you on your toes, even if it comes off as slightly confusing.

The opening reception for the 2011 Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show went well, with an amazing number of people showing up from all over. The two hours went by much faster than I thought they would, which I suppose is a side-effect of getting caught up in the moment. A good number of people showed up specifically to see “Obscenity”, which made me feel pretty good.

As a follow up to last Friday’s post, I found it both strange and humorous to get interviewed for television and public radio about my piece, because once getting a real look at all the other pieces and seeing the obvious hard work that went into the creation of them, I truly felt like I didn’t belong there since it took less than an hour to create and submit “Obscenity”, which I openly admitted to my interviewers, which elicited equal reactions of shock and humor from them.

Now that, I could completely enjoy.

"Olympia"As for the competition, of course I didn’t win Best of Show, nor did I ever expect to. As I had said from the beginning, being selected was honor enough. The winner of Best of Show was, however, a photo. Titled “Olympia [After Manet]” by Niki Grangruth and her “Muse” James Kinser (pictured). It was a nice enough photo, not my favorite (promise those are not sour grapes talking), but as compared to many of the other works on display, I suppose the judges could have picked far, far worse.

I want to thank each and everyone who showed up for the reception, and for those of you who voiced your support and congratulations. Now that my art gallery cherry has been broken, I think I will do more gallery pieces, but not until after the move to the DC area has taken place. It was good to get this one out of my system, and I think I’ll prepare something for next year’s show as well.

The 2011 Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show continues from now until July 30, 2011 at the Indiana University SoFA Gallery (Soon to be renamed the Grunwald Gallery of Art).

Hollis IrelandAs I was thinking about content for this week, I’ve decided to do a bit of an overview of models I love. Some I’ve worked with, others I have yet to work with, but each day this week, starting tomorrow, I’ll be featuring a model who I think just exemplifies everything that a photographer wants in front of their camera. Some you will know, others you’ll be introduced to, but they are amazing all the same.

First up is a model who’s career I actually helped to begin by doing her first photoshoot. Known as Hollis Ireland, this lithe ginger beauty was one of the most amazing and raw talents I have ever worked with. She has gone on to even greater things, such as having print work in magazines and being featured at conventions and other shows.

So until tomorrow…