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Is there a Golden Age for anything anymore?

Some thoughts as I wait to begin my day…

Soon, I’ll be uprooting from my friendly, yet bland Indiana confines to restart things in the D.C. Metro area. An exciting proposition, especially after seeing the vibrant arts community, and some of the local photo galleries.

While by day, my endeavors are in the realms of public relations and publicity, photography is my everything after, and following the events of the past year, is no longer just a pastime hobby for me. So to be able to go somewhere where I will be able to do what I love to do and have an audience for it will be exactly what I need, when I need it.

Going to Church

Going to Church by William Johnson

But it has me thinking: could we ever be heading towards another “golden age” of something? Something in this case being art, fashion or photography? Sure, those are broad, yet related categories, but the reason I mention this is because I think about Harlem in the early ’30’s, or even Tin Pan Alley where writers and artists all from different places came to one area and through either convenience or happenstance collaborated and made things that resonate to this day.

Now that creating images via a multitude of mediums is not only possible but easily shared, is there still a true value? In 40 years from now, will people be looking at the work we do and think, “I wish I could have been there; seen them do that”? Maybe it doesn’t work that way.

I can’t imagine that when great things were happening at a different time, that there was a thought that the time would be immortalized as a golden age, or anything of the sort. In the end, you just produce and then keep producing. Certainly an errant thought to have at 8:49 on a Thursday morning.